A Dozen Android Features Missing From iOS

Twelve features that are currently on Android handsets which iOS does not have:

  1. Widgets: Don’t open an app, view its status directly on your homescreen, such as your itinerary for this week from your calendar. Simple, yet very useful.
  2. App web interface: Login to Google Play from a web browser and download, install and uninstall apps on your Android device. Nice.
  3. Expandable memory:
    Pop in an SD card of your choice and expand the memory of your phone. Pop it out and put it in your new phone or your laptop or whatever.
  4. Back button: You don’t realise how useful this is until you go from an Android device to an iOS one and instinctively keep trying to tap it.
  5. USB mass storage: Just plug an Android phone into a computer and it turns into a removable drive. Drag and drop any files you want. Neat.
  6. Custom ROMs: Want to try a customised version of Android? You can.
  7. NFC: Maybe the future of payments and lots of other things, maybe not. Either way iOS is out of the game.
  8. Face unlock: Unlock your phone just by looking at it. A bit of a gimmick maybe, but fun anyway.
  9. Live wallpapers: Talking of fun, if you fancy a wallpaper that moves, shows information or responds to touch, then Android can do that.
  10. Smart Stay: Introduced by Samsung on the Galaxy S3, this feature ensures the screen doesn’t timeout and power off while you’re still looking at it.
  11. Flash: Sure, it is fast becoming an anachronism for mobile devices, but, for now, Android users can view Flash content on websites while iOS users can’t.
  12. Google: Although the Big G will always create iOS versions of their apps, they, unsurprisingly, keep the best for Android, such as Google Now. Also, Google get the Cloud, so by simply logging in to your Gmail account on a new Android phone all of your email, calendar events, contacts, Wi-Fi passwords etc. automagically turn up.
  • Jack Stow

    And now Android 4.2 supports multiple users, iOS does not.