How To Copy BBC iPlayer Programmes

So, you have downloaded a load of programmes from BBC iPlayer and want to transfer them over to your laptop that you are taking away on a trip. You don't want to, or haven't got time to, download them all over again and you won't have a reliable Internet connection when you're away. Wouldn't it be useful it you could just copy the programmes over to your laptop? Well, it turns out it's relatively easy.

First of all, make sure iPlayer is installed on the computer you want to copy the programmes to. Next, locate the /repository folder on the computer you originally downloaded the programmes with. If you have left iPlayer set with the default options the folder should be under My Documents/My Videos/BBC iPlayer/repository or suchlike in Windows. Before you copy any files, it is probably best to make sure iPlayer is not running in the background on either PC by right clicking and choosing 'exit' from the iPlayer icon in the taskbar. Then simply copy the entire contents of the /repository folder over to the same folder on the other computer. Fire up iPlayer and, hey presto, all your programmes should be there.

If you get any 'licence pending' or 'temporarily unavailable' errors when you watch a programme, try connecting the second computer to the Internet briefly. BBC iPlayer will then download refreshed licences (it seems to do something anyway) and the programmes should be playable.