Virtual Bob Dylan Birthday Party

Bob Dylan is 70 today. In his honour I propose a virtual birthday party. Fancy dress, of course, with the theme of ‘characters from Bob Dylan songs’. Who will you come as? There are countless possibilities:

You could be the cowboy gunslinger John Wesley Harding, with a gun in every hand, or the mysterious Angelina, with blood drying in your yellow hair, or Jokerman, or Handy Dandy, or Maggie’s ma, who’s sixty-eight, but says she’s twenty-four, or, if you’ve got a buggy, perhaps Miss Mary-Jane, or the Jack Of Hearts, or, if you are in possession of a leather cup, perhaps Dr Filth, or, if you really think you could pull it off, maybe, just maybe, the Girl from the North Country. I, for one, would recognise her straight away. The possibilities are endless.

Personally, I think I will arrive in a flourish as the preacher from ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again‘ with twenty pounds of headlines stapled to my chest. It may get heavy and scratchy as the evening progresses, but, hey, it’ll be worth it.

Bob Dylan, like all great Blues men, has often been the author of his own legend, letting people lead themselves to their own conclusions, so maybe it isn’t his birthday today at all. Maybe, like always, he is one step ahead, pausing now and again to let us catch up, but, whatever the day, happy birthday Mr Dylan, thanks for all the music and here’s raising a glass and looking forward to the next part of the journey…