What Will Twitter Do With Posterous?

TwitterTwitter have bought out the popular blogging website posterous, surprising many people as they recently said they had no plans to sell. So, what could Twitter want with posterous? They probably don’t want an ‘extended tweet’ service, like TwitLonger, as they have always stuck to the simplicity of the 140 character tweet limit, it is part of the success of Twitter. There is no need for an image hosting solution, since the deal with Photobucket. A blogging platform? Probably not, there are many established players in that field already and there is no obvious reason why Twitter would want to get involved. Would they be interested in posterous’ cross-posting technology? Well, no, more than likely they are not. Twitter is a service that people cross-post to, not from.

Maybe the thing that Twitter want from posterous is one of it’s best features: email. Posterous makes it easy to set up and post to a blog simply by sending an email and users can subscribe to regular digest emails of posts from people they follow. There used to be a third party service called Twittermail which let you tweet by sending an email. This can be useful if you are temporarily somewhere where there is no Internet connection, as you can simply store up your tweets in your outbox until you get connected, or if you are somewhere where web access to Twitter is blocked. An official tweet by email service would be a good addition to Twitter. Also, users could subscribe to regular emails of tweets by people they follow, or tweets from a Twitter list or tweet search results for a particular term. If you are interested in a subject, it would be very useful for you, and for Twitter, if an email turned up each day full of tweets about that subject.

  • Jack Stow

    A real shame, but Posterous is now officially closing down.